The Lupine Saga Begins Tomorrow

As mentioned in the last post, I’ve decided to remove my works from sale, and from now on will be posting my work in short weekly posts. Short, five minute snippets, weekly. They will contain the entire book over time. And eventually, the entire series. Thus, The Lupine Saga.

I’ve had the idea to do this for a while, but have lacked direction and decision. But after encountering works that were published in a similar manner, on the internet first before becoming actual publications, I’ve increased my affinity for doing it this way. It also relieves some elements of pressure, as I’ve actually written a sequel to my Lupine Prince book, but regretfully never finished polishing it to a publishable point.

It will take over a year just to publish The Lupine Prince this way, and during that I have decided to refine that work as well, to a point. After it is fully published (and to be clear, I’ve already scheduled it to be published, so I won’t fall into a weekly procrastination trap!), then the posts for the never-before published The Lupine Chevalier will start going live, and, being a longer, more detailed book, will go live over a longer period. During this expanse of time, I hope to consolidate the ideas I have for the yet-unnamed third book of the trilogy into order, and write it out, refine it, and hopefully have it ready to follow at that time.

Starting tomorrow, and I expect every Saturday to follow, there will be a new post, a new segment of the saga. Whether large or small, it will be there. I expect to keep things rather simple, though I’ll interject periodically to expand on some information in the book or series. Without spoilers.

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  1. Sue Canfield says:

    Looking forward to it!

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