Prunus ilicifolia

Well my book name doesn’t appear to be taken by any other authors, but it does appear to be used as one of the common names for Prunus ilicifolia.

Knowing that gives me some ideas, as it’d be nice to add another meaning to the name.

Best of all? It is native to California. I’ve probably seen these in my youth, based on the areas of CA it appears to mostly inhabit. It’s a holly shrub, and I know I’ve seen plenty of those. Since it bears fruit I do think I’ve seen this before, but I believe we never made a trial of finding out if the fruit was edible.

Anyways, it just gives me some more ideas, and suddenly a door to a certain plot subject appeared. I hadn’t intended to directly reference this particular plant with my book title, but I’m willing to accept it as fodder.

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