EC NaNo Hiatus, EC non-hiatus

I fought the NaNo, and didn’t win. Because I’ve quickly grown to hate the idea of having to write a full story in a month, and I’ve modified my life so that if I hate something I stop doing it instead of thinking I must continue it anyways, NaNoWriMo this year is a failure. I could continue, but that’d do the story a disservice, and would likely end up with it going on a shelf, never to see commercialization, for I’d detest the process too much.

So for the sake of possibly continuing it in the future, especially considering I have an ending all thought out, I’m ending the NaNoWriMo portion. And if it does get done, it’ll be much, much shorter than 50,000 words, the NaNo requirement. It may end up a single short story that rushes through the plot at a bullet’s pace. Which it already was doing. In fact. I may just continue that way after all. Forget NaNoWriMo, forget 50,000 words. Forget even writing it as a narrated book.

You see, I have something I’m already doing. But that’s not important. I know that for most of my projects, when I sit in front of the keyboard I can come up with some words. For Evergreen Cherry, it’s different. I knew that if I’d continue NaNo’s requirements, I’d stop too short. Better to not do at all, right? Well, better to just write it out, now that I think of it. I wonder what the format will be.

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