Twice in four days

Well it’s been almost 4 years since I first started writing my first book, The Lupine Prince. Its been almost 3 years since I finished editing and publishing it. And it’s been about 2 years since I last seriously worked on the series. Things happen, and it takes a while to realize that the things you are so busy with are really unimportant compared to what you should be doing for all those years. It seems like bills and work and the stresses of life are important, but really, they aren’t. What they are, is distractions, from what I’ve needed to do.

So I’ve decided to pick things up, and continue my work on book 2 of Va’il’s life (my third book written in total), which I had left at about… 70k written words almost 2 years ago.

In order to do that I’ve had to go back to the first book and reread it. Twice. In four days, I’ve read it twice. All the characters, names, motivations, thoughts, and progress, from that book, have resurfaced. It’s surprising how much you can forget in time, something of your own creation. But it all comes back quite easily, since it’s something of your own prior creation.

And more than that, it’s gotten me to read a large amount of words for hours on end, something I’ve been in need of doing. Too much watching and playing, not enough reading. I’ve cast off some other distractions that’ve been holding me back the last year, and finally live in a way that means I don’t need to delve into the world of gaming to make it through day to day.

And I’ve spotted a ton of typos and stuff I need to fix in my original book! So I’m finally going back to the original docs and updating the physical copies and the Kindle version! Yes, in just a few days from now (for the physical, not Kindle), my book’ll be updated with a few minor typo fixes, and a long-needed fix to a couple thoughts.

Now… I’ll need to read what I’ve written of book two twice, before continuing work on it. After I finished the first read through of the first book, I thought maybe I could move on to the second. But I knew it’d be better to doubly familiarize myself with my own work, any my writing style. The same will hold true for the second book. Read it over twice, then continue writing it. Even if I feel like I could after the first read-through. Though I doubt I could, because to be honest, I’ve read the first book over a dozen times. The second… maybe twice, since the majority of the “reading” was done when I was still writing it.

Oh so much work to do.

A big thing I noticed though, from reading the first book: the relationships! There is much missing from the first book that takes place in the second, and it actually made the first something I wanted to rush through so I could see the progress and relationships in the second. After all, the major characters of the second book don’t spend as much time together in the first book! Ah, I want to see it progress!

And even with that, I still recall how even book two only goes so far! To write again would indeed be good.

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2 Responses to Twice in four days

  1. I’m much looking forward to the rest of the series. The Lupine Prince was packed with foreshadowing and implications. Though it didn’t interfere with the “here and now” of the story, the past and the future were always just below the surface.

    You’ve created a believable and fascinating universe. Maybe there are other young writers who’d like to place their stories in your frame?

  2. Rachelle Wells says:

    I am so excited for you big bro!! I can’t wait to read it. I’m really glad you’re going back…I *have* been waiting all this time for that sequel

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