Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain

I read this book starting last night, ending this afternoon. It was fun, emotional, and a tear-jerker. And I couldn’t put it down. Whether you think it’s good or not, your cup of tea or not (and it certainly isn’t for everyone, being an emotional work, the opposite of yesterdays “The Name of the Rose” – a much more logic-based work), it has some merits. It was first-person, which I normally don’t care for. The narrator being likable had much to do with that. Instead of saying much more, I’m going to go with my goodreads review:

As another review pointed out, read this with a box of tissues. It is moving, emotional, sad, and heartwarming. I really liked it. If I were to criticize, I’d only point out that the entire work is very movie-ish. It’s a somewhat predictable, hard-to-dislike, story. It’s real, gut-wrenching, and hopeful. The two best things, though, are the narrator, Enzo the dog, and the messages of hope and perseverance. The book is written in first-person, or in this case, first-dog, and it excels at that. Enzo is lovable, goofy at times, and smart. He sees the truth, but has no way to speaking it. He mirrors real people, and we can relate so well to him because even though we can speak, we can be trapped in his same situation.

I recommend this to someone looking for an emotional work. I read this right after a very serious/logical work, and so wanted to read something exactly the opposite. That, it was, however it was on purpose. It was real and relate-able, but the only thing unique, I have to say, is that the main character is a dog. The events inside form a nice plot, but a simple and normal one, though ends somewhat fantastically. A good afternoon read, and for the person who enjoys emotional works, four out of five.

327 words I could have used in a novel of my own.

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