What art can be

Happy, sad, angry, mournful. Basic words that describe emotions that can have a full range of complexities.

We understand happy well enough. Mad, easy to understand as well. And on some levels, we understand the more complex emotions with just their name: love, exhilaration, abhorrence, respectful, adoration, fear. Sometimes, just those words alone conjure images or experiences that we personally relate to.

Taking those basic concepts in mind, how they relate to art, writing, music, etc., is fascinating. When I was considering what art was earlier, I thought of certain conversations I’ve had where I have an idea of how I understand a concept, but had no words I knew that could describe that idea or way of thinking. It was something I knew, but couldn’t explain. I thought that the only way to really explain it would have to be the telepathy that I remember the counselor on Star Trek: The Next Generation had. Images and feelings that could be instantly conveyed, without the need for words.

And that’s what artistic endeavor is to me. It’s emotion that cannot be summed up in one word. The author wants to convey their thoughts, no matter the form. The story about silly space aliens reflects the artist’s playful creativity. The romance novel, the author’s love – which can mean either how they want it to be, or how they do not. Art doesn’t always have to be the viewpoint of the author, even. But it is an author’s expression. It is something that they want out there, conveyed, interpreted or enjoyed. It can be simple or complicated, but its impact remains.

Is your writing art?

280 words I could have used in a novel.

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