Dangerous Rainbows

Yeah yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking.

Who came up with that title?

My second book written: Dangerous Rainbows. It is a one-shot novella at a few words under 51,000. This was written to fulfill a goal, rather than a serious story.

What its about, the description: Alquin is a young general in the Ingrid Empire. The empire and the General Common Coalition have been at war for as long as anyone can remember, and Alquin aims to end that. He makes his way through the ranks while dealing with enemies both internal and external as he tries to defeat the coalition. Unable to compromise in his ideals while eternally seeking what has been torn from him, his life-and-death struggle continues undaunted by the failure of those around him. Meanwhile, he must deal with the individual members of the coalition, who provide him with both amusement and trepidation. This includes the spectacular rising star of the coalition, Yue Fei, and the silent struggle he puts up against the empire’s advances while also dealing with internal struggles.

Where to find:
This is a free book if you want it freely. The paid links are for any additional support someone can provide.

Or get it from Google Books!

Note: There are still errors in the manuscript. This work, however, will not be updated, it’ll be left in the past.

More info: This book is the product of a NaNoWriMo 2009 endeavor. The idea is to write a 50k novella in 30 days. I managed to do it for my first NaNoWriMo ever. It was tough, but highly rewarding. I then spent 3 months ironing the book into publishable form, and a while longer procrastinating while dealing with the minor details of it. For being written as fast as possible over the course of a month, it’s actually quite good! I’m surprised at how well it turned out. Since it’s not a “serious” work like Together with Silver is, I’ve decided it should be a free e-book to anyone who wants it. However, the physical and Amazon copies do cost a bit, but Kindle should be free due to it being listed freely elsewhere. If someone really likes it, they have a way of contributing that way, or having a physical copy for archiving purposes.

This book is somewhat based, indirectly, on Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It was my influence, and a great Space Opera. But it is its own work, one I can stand behind. It was rushed, and even painful to write at times when I was stuck.

This is mostly another example of my writing style, rather than plot or story creation. Take it for what it is. It’s under average but the purpose wasn’t to write a fantastic work, the purpose was to write. It could have been worse! But it’s good to have a work like this at the other end of my shelf. After all, you have to write these kinds of things on your way to writing that one true great novel.

Any questions, please ask. Thank you. I’ll update with any suggestions.