Where did he get the bomb?

Title says it all. TV isn’t real. I know that. But when all of a sudden a series of bombs goes off, I have to seriously wonder where a group of teenage girls got professional explosives and remote detonators.

Or when a badguy is finally caught after a long chase, and suddenly he reveals he has a deadman switch, so now he has to be let go or the bomb that he somehow placed in an area where the hero’s friends are at will go off. Nevermind that the badguy shouldn’t have been carrying explosives of any great magnitude with him in the first place (where did he put them when he was running around without a briefcase?), but especially considering it was his first time ever in that particular area, due to the hero cornering him before he could reach his real escape route.

And of course, where exactly did he purchase the explosive?

You know, if explosives were as easy to get as… just kidding, explosions are easy to produce. Just fill a 50 gallon drum full of gasoline, it’ll go up nicely. Mythbusters is an excellent reference in showing you how explosions really work.

However, a bomb is more than a simple explosion. It has to be detonated. It usually has to be planned. It has a certain radius as well. TV sometimes explains away the detonator by having a “really smart person” be the badguy who figures out how to create a detonator (though really you don’t need to be smart, just need an internet connection) while also using “black market connections” to get materials.

And sometimes the implied usage of this is so strong, it ignores the acknowledgement altogether. I’ve seen a few too many things lately that simply ignore any sort of rational explanation as to how a bomb was obtained, placed, and detonated. I want to say it’s the writers cutting corners. And they are. Except it doesn’t matter. Sure, I question where the explosive came from. Where such and such person got the expensive weapons/gun/nuclear missile they are using.

But the TV viewer has been trained to accept that TV characters are using cheat codes to get infinite ammo/grenades. Any decent game would’ve banned these players long ago. But they didn’t. It’s apparently accepted that a group of teenage girls can set off a series of bombs around the city that apparently knock out the city’s power grid (I’m not going to look into how feasible that really is based on our current power systems in large citys), because it’s accepted.

But for me, *** spoilers *** the surprise bomb at the end of the first episode of season six of Burn Notice was unbelievable. I honestly thought for the longest time Micheal was going to shoot, since it was obvious the guy was lying! And then, I figured he’d at least buy the lie, a lame cop out for the writers.

But there really was a bomb! Argh, what? Where did that come from? Why was the timing so perfect too? Oh, it’s TV, right?

Well on TV they shoot off handcuffs. So why did Bruce Campbell’s character spending all his time trying to destroy that pipe instead of shooting off the handcuffs, hmm? I mean, if we’re already down the path of unbelievable…

Okay. So TV isn’t real. Of course. Bombs and guns appear out of thin air, everyone’s aim is perfect if they are a main character (doesn’t practice shooting often outside of shootouts) and terrible if they are a policeman (constant training), and fatigue never plays a part in how far someone can run until the plot determines their stamina should run out at a certain pivotal moment.

Note to writers: if you spend time creating, you’ll take a new viewpoint on other’s works. I often think of what was going through an author’s mind when they write certain things. And I’ve seen a few things that have made me absolutely cringe lately, even from one of my favorite authors. Please, please keep certain things in mind when creating. Look for plotholes. Look for places where the reader can question just how exactly something happened short of an item spontaneously appearing in midair.

And most of all: if your story takes place in the real world, don’t forget there are police. Is someone chasing your character? Is your character dialing 911 on that cellphone you mentioned earlier? And no, batteries don’t run out at critical moments! Did someone the MC knows decide to beat them up due to a debt? Next chapter there had better be a very good reason why that person isn’t in jail, considering the MC could easily identify their attacker, their location, and file a report on the assault with the police. Saw both these NOT happen in a popular movie recently. MC beaten up by someone he knows, even though he had run away from them a while before that and had ample time to call the cops before the ensuing beatdown. It was in the future even, they easily could have gotten his location, and lets not forget they could stay on the line and even possibly hear the attacker’s voice had the MC brought out their phone in the minute prior to the badguys catching up.

Where did he get the bomb? Why didn’t he call the police?

Don’t make me ask those questions!

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