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Excerpt from TLP, Discovering the King’s Problem

Not much to add lately, but I was thinking of another excerpt. It’s the beginning of one of the major plots in Together with Silver. It plays a good sized part in book one, almost none in book two, and … Continue reading

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Easy, tasty pancake recipe

Small recipe, can be expanded as needed. Simple, no sugar, tastes good, very fluffy, and doesn’t require you to have a set pancake size. My favorite is to use a very hot cast iron pan, about 12 inches, and make … Continue reading

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An overabundance of evil characters

In writing the sequel to The Lupine Prince, I’ve been making my characters encounter quite a few bad people in succession, and it worried me for a while. I wondered why they weren’t meeting more good people. Granted, it makes … Continue reading

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We’re street performers

Walk down the streets of a big city or a place with tourism. I’m close to San Franciso where you can walk around and see people doing acts and playing songs. I know some may do it for fun, but … Continue reading

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Perceived free time versus actual free time

I call many people in my dayjob. Many times, these people are professionals that have other things going on, and they graciously take some time out of their day to talk to me. I noticed that many times, someone will … Continue reading

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