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It’s alright to make a profit

The “starving artist” cliché has been used to describe those in the creative fields for quite a while. It has been part of history that artists of the past were never appreciated until they were dead, crazy, and usually some … Continue reading

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I use normal copyright, even though it could probably use reform.

Yes, I do only use a standard copyright, and not a creative commons license. I do endorse the free distribution of certain works, like Dangerous Rainbows, however that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up the power of a standard … Continue reading

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What happened to quality?

It seems like more and more things are being done without quality. See the gulf. See the iPhone4 antenna (a notable exception to an otherwise great record). See every major production corporation that’s more interested in getting out units than … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle Pricing Change

There is a new change to give authors a leg on Amazon Kindle. A little history: The reason authors priced low was to compete in the market. It was the lowest price. There was no incentive to price higher, to … Continue reading

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Helping without helping

Help often comes in tangible ways. But just as prevalent is the kind of help given where nothing tangible is given or received. It’s felt. Emotional help, lending a listening ear, and just telling someone: “You’re doing it right”, can … Continue reading

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