I write books of the fantasy, heroic, slice-of-life, and/or adventure types. So far. By choice, I self-publish my works. I’m an author who loves fantastic stories. I have a penchant for foreign works, and don’t hesitate to learn about something new. I’ve grown up in the technology generation, watching that world change faster each year.

Check out my Google Profile for more places I live at.

Email me at: togetherwithsilver@gmail.com
Twitter handle is KelinDK – http://twitter.com/KelinDK/

You can find all my current and upcoming works on Amazon and Kindle. A few are or will be on Smashwords as well, and those that do should probably make their way into additional outlets. A few of my books are my serious projects, such as the Together with Silver series, and a few are pet-projects, like Dangerous Rainbows and Eight Rackett Hero. I will try and price the pet-projects either free or as low as whatever format they appear on allows.