Here’s to hoping

Well that was fun! I got up from laying on the couch for several hours and sleeping, and went up to the room I have. Just as I entered, my phone started ringing!

Great timing, cause it was the HR person at one of the places I applied for a job at. She was friendly and had also lived in California, and we had a pleasant conversation. I did unfortunately have to mention that currently it appears I’m only going to be both temporary and part-time, if used, so that might be a deal-killer, I think. I hope not, it’d be good to have something temporary.

Though, if they want someone really good for 6 months before having to settle for less (Yeah Right!) come look my way.

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I write books of the fantasy, heroic, slice-of-life, and/or adventure types. So far. By choice, I self-publish my works. I'm an author who loves fantastic stories. I have a penchant for foreign works, and don't hesitate to learn about something new. I've grown up in the technology generation, watching that world change faster each year.
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