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Tethering and a Floor

Selling my bed today, ain’t that great! Nope, cause it means it’s gonna be really hard to get through the next 4 nights. The past night I slept on just a mattress, off the box spring, so floor/mattress, and it … Continue reading

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Where oh where

Has my internet gone? Well, still here, but it’ll be gone tomorrow. It’s definitely been a while since I’ve gone any length of time without constant internet access on a main computer. Now I’ll have a week without much more … Continue reading

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Poem anew, for a past life Va’il knew

A forgotten wound Did scorn my haste Laughter and tears Remorse and hate And the picture painted So long uncovered That life remembered Might continue forever And realization, odd Through a new life told Did strike the pond That was … Continue reading

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A small break.

Today I woke up. At the time I woke up. And then went back to sleep till it was the real time to wake up. It’s good to no longer have to wake up at a horrendously evil time, before … Continue reading

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Desk and Bookshelf

Moving time, such a lovely time. The worst offenders that could make the upcoming lack of apartment have been dealt with, namely a 5ft long 3ft high desk and a 6ft by 3ft bookshelf. All the electronics I can probably … Continue reading

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Legal Car

July: Car registration expired. CA: Ha, ha. We need to make sure we get enough money, so we’re not sending out your registration till after it’s expired, so we can eventually extend the laws to keep it slightly more expensive. … Continue reading

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